Big Smoke Edit

Big Smoke is a boss based off of the video game character of the same name from the game 'GTA: San Andreas'

Appearance Edit

Big Smoke has the same appearance that he does in the game he originates from, a dark blue shirt, glasses and a bowler hat while appearing unarmed.

Playstyle Edit

Big Smoke is a boss that can benefit from going after groups of people due to the nature of his special attack, when compared to other bosses.

His fists are incredibly weak, dealing a measly 15 damage per hit, but are almost three times as fast as the left-click of a Player's melee attack. This, unfortunately, means that unless Big Smoke can surprise a player, they will almost certainly be able to escape the boss by the way of knockback.

No 9 Edit

No 9 is the special Right-Click ability that is unique to Big Smoke, and is a series of burgers that fly from his player model in front of him in a straight line defying gravity, before boomeranging back to the original position.

The danger of this attack comes from the fact that the burgers explode on contact, instantly killing the player they touch while dealing damage to any nearby player, potentially killing multiple players with a single burger.

Big Smoke can only carry a limited number of these at a time, and it takes a few seconds before they rapidly replenish themselves.

History Edit

October 27, 2018: Base health increased from 380 to 450

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