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The DK Crew is a multi-boss that is entirely ranged. They fire projectiles similar to the Pizza Master or Cirno.


The DK Crew features Donkey Kong, Chunky Kong, Lanky Kong, and Diddy Kong from the Donkey Kong 64 video game.

Play Style[]

Donkey Kongs primary attack is his Coconut Gun, capable of killing a player in a single shot. His secondary is his Coconut Spurt which rapidly fires 50 short-range coconuts.

Diddy Kongs primary attack is his Peanut Popgun that fires very fast. He is capable of using his jetpack to fly at high speeds. He is the only DK Crew member capable of flight.

Lanky Kongs primary attack is his Glue Shooter which fires almost as fast as Diddys Popgun. His glue does very low damage, but is capable of making players unable to move. Lanky is weak alone, it is recommended to stay close to Donkey Kong or Chunky Kong and provide support.

Chunky Kong is the powerhouse of the four, with his Melon Launcher he can deal great explosive splash damage. His secondary throws a rolling melon which explodes multiple times after a short duration, capable of incredible damage. He is the slowest and largest of the four.