Gabe NewellEdit

Gabe Newell, nicknamed "GabeN", is one of the many bosses in 'Players VS Boss'. He is a player-sized model of Valve founder 'Gabe Newell'.

Appearance Edit

Gabe Newell appears as a player-sized model of Valve founder Gabe Newell, wearing a Half-Life jumper, wielding a fast-swinging crowbar from the same game.

Playstyle Edit

Gabe Newell is a boss that relies heavily on his special ability, using it to take care of far-away players while either damaging, or out-right killing, close players.

His right click is to launch 'Steam Sales' that travel in a straight line and explode on contact with a surface or player, detonating and, if a player is close enough, temporarily blinding them with a pop-up of a 'Steam Sale' tag, provided they weren't killed by the explosion.

His melee is a rapidly swinging crowbar, that does roughly 22 damage per hit, which means Gabe Newell must catch players off guard in order to properly kill them with it.

Trivia Edit

  • The 'Steam Sale' special ability is a reference to the fact that the online gaming platform 'Steam' has numerous sales through-out the year, evolving into an internet joke.
  • Players often joke that if they beat Gabe Newell that round, Half-Life 3 will be released. It is one of the more popular jokes.

History Edit

October 27, 2018: Base health increased from 498 to 550.

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