Harambe Edit

Harambe is a boss based off of the famous internet meme of a Gorilla with the same name, involving a child falling into an enclosure.

Appearance Edit

Harambe appears as a large Gorilla player model, slightly larger than the standard Player model, lacking any visual indicators for his special ability.

Playstyle Edit

Harambe is an incredibly destructive boss compared to many others, boasting a sizable Health Pool compared to other bosses, much more damage per melee hit and a long-range, fast traveling special with AoE damage upon contact.

While his Movement Speed is barely faster than a Player, his Melee attacks do 75 damage per hit, killing players in two successive hits; to counter this, his melee attack has a lengthier swing time compared to other bosses, slightly slower than the Left-Click of a Player's melee weapon.

RPG Edit

The RPG is Harambe's special ability, a long-range explosive that travels in a straight line at a high speed, before exploding upon hitting the first solid surface it comes into contact with.

The RPG is an instant kill if it makes direct contact with a player, regardless of the amount of Health that they have. The damage the RPG does when it explodes is dependent on how far away from the center of the explosion the player was. This leads to the potential to gain multiple kills with a single right-click.

To counter the potency of the RPG, Harambe can only carry one RPG at a time, and must use his first one before he is able to gain another to use.

History Edit

October 27, 2018: Base health increased from 384 to 430

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