The Harry Gang is a triple boss with much diversity between each boss and their play styles. It features Harry Potter, Dobby the Elf, and Dumbledore.

Appearance Edit

The Harry Gang is based off of the widely popular book and movie series; Harry Potter.

Play Style Edit

Harry Potter is a ranged boss with deadly explosive magic. Harry is the most dangerous of the three, as he can instantly kill a player with a direct shot, and has splash damage that deals plenty of damage.

Dobby the Elf is a melee boss who acts as the tank of the three. With the largest health pool, and fastest move speed, Dobby is in the front lines making distractions while Harry and Dumbledore pick off the players.

Dumbledore is the slowest of the three. He uses laser magic similar to the Energy Blaster, dealing heavy damage and being perfectly accurate. Dumbledore can easily take out players, but his movement speed makes him an easy target. He relies on Harry and Dobby to act as distractions and guardians.

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