Jack Sparrow Edit

Captain Jack Sparrow is a boss based off of the character of the same name in the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' movies.

Appearance Edit

Jack Sparrow takes the appearance of the character from the movies, dressed in stereotypical pirate garb with a bandanna wrapped around his head, with a knife in his right hand and a flintlock pistol in his left.

Playstyle Edit

Jack Sparrow is a boss that specializes in focusing on killing a single player at a time before moving onto the next one, using his dash to close the distance between him and escaping players.

His Melee attack is a rapid-stabbing knife, dealing 44 damage per hit and swings almost twice as fast as the left-click swing speed of The Players' melee weapon.

His right click, after using his shotgun shot, is a dash through the air that should be used in order to outmaneuver players and to close the distance in order to kill them with his knife.

Shotgun Edit

Jack Sparrow is armed with a single-shot shotgun that instantly kills any player that it hits. After the shot is used, it is replaced with the aforementioned dash.

It takes two minutes in order for the shotgun shot to be replenished, and as such, care should be taken to avoid wasting it.

History Edit

October 27, 2018: Base health increased from 534 to 580.

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