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MSPaintWorld is a map almost entirely drawn in MSPaint, as well as lacking any physical prop that would ruin the aesthetics of the map.


The map features a wooden building, in which The Players spawn, a brick 'garage' with a second story, a small shack, a fenced in garden, and a school in which The Boss spawns.

The wooden house features an entrance room, in which The Players spawn, connected to a living room filled with toilets and a staircase to the second floor. On the second floor stair-room there are two doorways, one to a larger room facing the school with a child and a staircase to the roof, and the other to a backroom filled with toilets.

The garage features much less, with two car sprites on the ground floor, a ladder leading to the second floor, and boxes in the corner on each floor.

The school is in a 'U' shape with a room in the middle of it, where The Boss spawns. The school is littered with children that can obscure vision, as well as a doorway to a side exit that leads to the garage, and the front exit that leads to the main area.


  • The sprites on the map can be shot through, despite obscuring vision. Players should shoot through them if they lose sight of the boss in case they're hiding behind one.
  • The windows in the house can be broken in order to create a quick escape.


  • The idea for the map was created when one of the main map-makers, 'Lolkat', dared one of the moderators, 'TheBrokenPlayer', to create a map out of MSPaint textures as a joke.
  • The man that appears when the easter egg is activated is the famous Swedish streamer known as Joel, his internet alias 'Vargskelethor'