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Neckbeard is a boss based off of the 'stereotype' of the same name.


The Neckbeard takes the appearance of the stereotypical 'Fedora wearing neckbeard' that is prevalent in the majority of cringe memes, along with the Katana, a weapon that has gained a reputation for being 'the weapon of weebs'.


The Neckbeard's main attack is a basic Melee attack that does 50 damage per hit, killing players in two hits without the use of the Survivor Perk.

His special ability, however, is a ranged attack consisting of a barrage of knives thrown whenever the attack button is held down. These are props, and as such do massive damage to players they hit, more often than not outright killing the player instantly. This ability, unlike most others, takes time to charge before it can be used, gaining 2 charge every second.


October 27, 2018: Base health increased from 357 to 400