The Omega Squad is a multi-boss with one giant Omega, and many Omega Kittens.

Appearance Edit

Omega Squad are a bunch of cats. One giant cat, and plenty of kittens.

Play Style Edit

Omega Cat is the leader of the group. They are very large and slow, but deals more damage than the kittens, and has an ability to throw the kittens in way not unlike a shotgun blast, and similar to Shrek & Donkeys ability.

The Omega Kittens are made up of most of the server, and deal the lowest amount of damage of any boss. They have a very small health pool, but they make up for it with their swarming capabilities. It is very recommended to stay close to each other, as in one-on-one combat, they will surely lose.

History Edit

October 27, 2018:

  • Big Omega base health increased from 595 to 666
  • Omega Squad base health increased from 225 to 256
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