Osama Bin Laden Edit

Osama Bin Laden is a single boss that utilities explosives. Osama is armed with a knife and some bombs.

Appearance Edit

Osama Bin Laden is the size of an average player, resembling the terrorist of the same name.

Playstyle Edit

Osama is good at splitting apart small groups of players, as he deals splash damage with this explosives.

His primary attack is a knife stab dealing 60 damage, able to kill a player in just a few swings.

His secondary attack throws a short range bomb that explodes upon impact, dealing more damage the closer the target is to the base explosion.

Osama has a special third ability. A suicide bomb that deals 4000 HP to himself, decimating any player near him. It is not recommended to use this ability often.

History Edit

October 27, 2018: Base health increased from 431 to 450.

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