Pit is a large ravine connected by bridges. It is a port of a popular FF2/VSH map, Crevice.

Features Edit

Pit features a large, open grassland environment with a notably large ravine crossing through the middle of the map. A wooden bridge and a much smaller wooden plank connect either side of the ravine, with an alternate path around the back that is entirely grass.

On the player side, there is a white house with a balcony-porch area that players can stand on, and on the opposite side there is a row of windows that are able to be shot through, but not large enough to jump through to escape. A staircase is tucked beneath these windows to allow players to exit the building.

On the boss side, there is a red wooden house. This house has an elevator shaft, one of the possible exits to the ravine should you fall in, as well as an area you can climb to with a ladder to look and shoot out of another set of windows. A stair case and a door way serve as exits to this building.

The ravine can be fallen into without risk, and there exists three areas for players or bosses to be launched back to the surface. One in the elevator shaft through a dark tunnel, and the other two on opposite sides of the map that launch you into a small cave within the side of the cliff, serving as a powerful vantage point over the entire map.

Also on the boss side, there is a mound with boxes and a ladder on the other side that serves as another vantage point for players.

Trivia Edit

  • Some of the major differences between this version and the original map include faster launchpads that don't allow you to fall back down (due to camping issues) and less launchpads, with the notable removal of the ones in the main pit region.
  • In older versions of the map, there used to be manhacks and metropolice NPCs with cat faces on them. This was added as a joke by Synthgon as a reference to a member of the community, but was later removed due to complaints and issues.
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