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<gallery type="slider">
31.png|Weapons|link=|linktext=Players VS BOSS - Weapons
Weapons.png|Weapons|link=|linktext=Players VS BOSS - Weapons
Lars.png|Bosses|link=|linktext=Players VS BOSS - Bosses
Players1.png|Players|link=|linktext=Players VS BOSS - Playerse
Player.png|PvB Players|link=|linktext=Players VS BOSS - Player
hacker_670x360.png|Bosses|link=|linktext=Players VS BOSS - Bosses

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Welcome to the Players VS Boss Wiki

A wiki dedicated to the Players vs Boss gamemode for GMod




The Gamemode

Players vs Boss is a unique gamemode created for Garry's Mod, and features a team of Players facing off against a Boss in a battle to see who wins.

Official Servers

Great Britain / Europe:

steam://connect/ (add to your browser)

United States:

steam://connect/ (add to your browser)

Latest activity