Skills Edit

Skills are the 'abilities' that are available to players as a sort of 'mirror' towards the abilities Bosses have.

These skills are available to every player, all of them starting at level one, gain experience towards the next level depending on what actions are taken relating towards that skill, and each cap at different levels depending on what the skill actually is.

Each category is actually broken down into 'two groups', so to speak, with the exception of the Specialist skill.

Player Exercises Edit

Player Exercises are the part of the player's abilities that actually levels up naturally with use, and are the main part of the skill that will affect a player's performance when combating the Boss.

The base skills are...

  • Movement Speed - Leveled up by moving
  • HP Regen - Leveled up by letting natural regen heal damage
  • Melee Damage - Leveled up by using the Knife
  • Reload Speed - Leveled up by reloading weapons; gains bonus for empty weapon clips/mags
  • Fire Rate - Leveled up by firing your weapon
  • Specialist - Leveled up by dealing damage with the same weapon, the 'Specialist'

Player Skills Edit

Player Skills are the 'second part' of player abilities, and rather than being improved through the use of EXP, are improved through 'Skill Points' which are earned when a player levels up a 'Player Exercise', and like 'Player Exercises', have a maximum cap to the amount of points that can be allocated.

Along with the regular 'Player Skills' are 'Special Skills' which provided an added bonus towards that specific ability, which is dependent on which area the skill is for. These skills, however, require 5 skill points, and must have the preceding skill maxed out completely.

Unlike Player Exercises, however, Player Skills have a maximum of 55 Skill Points possible to earn, which means that players will be unable to get all of the available skills. This means that players will have varying builds, which in turn encourages players to experiment and build skillsets that benefit their style of play.

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