Roblox Pros

Roblox Pros are a multiboss that is comprised of many different 'robloxians', each with different appearances and features.


Roblox Pros take the appearance of:

  1. The default 'Guest Skin' from the online game Roblox with a hat on their head and blocky hands as their weapon.
  2. A 'guest' with hair and a black body
  3. A giant Robloxian styled after the old 'default guest'


Roblox Pros are a multiboss that benefits GREATLY from using swarming tactics to overwhelm players at a time.

Small Guests

Small Guests are the bulk of the 'Roblox Pros', and are less durable than the 'Giant Guest' bosses.

Their melee attack deals 20 damage per hit, and swings slightly faster than the Players' left-click melee hit. This means that it takes roughly 6 hits to kill a single player when HP regen is factored in. This, when combined with the fact that Roblox Pros have the smallest individual Health Pools per player, the most being around 4K, means that they are considered to be the weakest single-boss in the gamemode.

However, they make up for this by being smaller than regular players, about 50% of the size of a normal player, and with a right-click dash that sends them flying in the direction they are aiming. This means that they should focus on using their maneuverability to get behind players and swarm them.

Giant Guests

Giant Guests are a smaller part of the 'Roblox Pros', but are much bulkier than the other members of the group.

Their Melee damage deals 60 damage per hit, swings slowly, creates a visible shockwave when making contact with anything solid, and most notably, sends players flying when hit by them. This gives Giant Guests the chance to use their environment to their advantage, launching players into map hazards such as water or into killzones.

However, due to their massive size, even though they've got larger health pools than 'Small Guests', they're much slower and lack the ability to dash through the air to reach players. This means that, more often than not, they need to rely on Players being distracted before they can make their move.


October 27, 2018: Roblox Pro base health increased from 295 to 310

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