Snoop Dogg Edit

Snoop Dogg, based off the famous rapper with the same namesake, is a player-sized boss found in 'Players vs Boss'

Appearance Edit

Snoop Dogg appears as a player model based off the character's namesake, armed with a golden pistol in place of a Melee Weapon.

Playstyle Edit

Snoop Dogg is a special boss, in the fact that he lacks both a Melee Weapon and a 'Right-Click Special Ability'.

To make up for this, however, he is equipped with a golden pistol that deals up to 70 damage per shot at close range, with each pellet doing around 7 damage.

Because of this, Snoop Dogg is a boss that requires the player to focus on a single target at a time, mostly picking off players that stray from the main group in order to whittle down the surviving numbers to reduce the amount of damage they'll take when they eventually go for the rest.

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