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== History ==
== History ==
'''October 27, 2018''': Base health increased from 327 to 366.[[Category:Bosses]]
'''[ October 27, 2018]''': Base health increased from 327 to 366.[[Category:Bosses]]

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The T-Rex uses their teeth as a weapon which deals 110 dmg meaning an instant death for almost any player within melee range.

Appearance Edit

The T-Rex looks similar to its real life counter apart other than the longer than usual arms and how it is the size of the player.

Playstyle Edit

The T-Rex is close range boss with very high dmg and can one hit most players with the exceptions of players who have the last human buff or a fake death knife. The T-Rex also has a long range dash that they can use to close the distance to get to players though it can be a double edged sword as while in the air the T-Rex is susceptible to knock back and can be pushed a considerable distance away from the player if they are using a high dps weapon.

History Edit

October 27, 2018: Base health increased from 327 to 366.

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