The Gay Master is a large solo boss who uses barrages of melee attacks and purple rockets.

Appearance Edit

Gay Master uses an odd player model that has been morphed and distorted wildly. The boss is parodied after Lars friend, The Gay Master Fappybutt.

Play Style Edit

Gay Masters primary attack is his melee barrage, lasting a few seconds and capable of dealing massive damage. Gay Master is unable to use Rockets while using his barrage, so time it wisely. His secondary form of attack is his Purple Rockets. He can hold up to 12 rockets at once, and can fire them as fast as you can press MOUSE2. Gay Master is very large and not very fast, so it is recommended to use your rockets wisely and break up groups of players while taking other players out.

History Edit

November 23, 2018: Name changed from 'The Gay Master Fappybutt' to 'The Gay Master'

October 27, 2018: Base health increased from 475 to 600.

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