Vladimir Putin Edit

Vladimir Putin is a boss based off of the Russian President of the same name.

Appearance Edit

Vladimir Putin has the same appearance as the man the boss is based off of, wearing a black suit with a red tie, armed with a Soviet AK in his hands.

Playstyle Edit

Vladimir Putin is a special boss in the fact that he lacks a melee weapon, instead armed with a rapidfire hitscan AK that has unlimited range and deals 15 damage per shot.

His runspeed is much faster compared to other bosses, only outclassed by Thomas the Tank Engine. Because of this, he can easily chase down players who attempt to run around corners in order to avoid being killed by his bullets. Unfortunately, he lacks and special Right-Click abilities that other bosses have, forcing him to rely on his superior range, unlimited ammo and speed in order to eliminate The Players.

Trivia Edit

  • Vladimir Putin tends to have a delay on dealing damage to players, leading to some players dying after going around a corner. This is most likely caused by latency issues
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